Falcon Eye Security also offers a Health and Safety Audit of the site.
The Audit will ensure that site risks are kept to a minimum.


The following are a few examples of what an audit would include:


Site layout

e.g.“ Is signage in place at the front entrance? ”
“ Is there suitable segregation of pedestrians and vehicles?”
“ Are walkways clear from obstructions and stored materials?”

Statutory and other documentation displayed e.g. “ Is the HSE F10 notification displayed?”

“ Is the health and safety law poster displayed and completed?”

Emergency on site

e.g. “ Is the emergency plan displayed so it can be seen when the site office is closed?”

“ Are the fire assembly points clearly marked?”
“ Is the 1st aider, and the 1st aid procedures included in the site induction?”


e.g. “ Is edge protection and guarding in place to prevent falls into it?”

“ Is guarding in place to prevent vehicles falling in?”

Work at Height
e.g. “ Is there an inspection regime?”

“ Is suitable access equipment being used?”

Plant and Equipment
e.g. “ Are test certificates on site?”

“ Is the plant/equipment left secure e.g. keys removed?”


e.g. “ Are operations being carried out safely?” “ Is safety footwear being worn?”

“ Is smoking or eating in designated areas being carried out?”

General issues

e.g. “ Is housekeeping to an acceptable standard ( including construction areas)?”

“ Is contamination controlled e.g. dust, mud etc?”
“ Is noise eliminated or reduced where practicable?”


The Audit will be presented as a full report to the Client giving the response to the questions and any accompanying details. The resulting scores of the full audit will be presented to the Client in the form of a score e.g. 73/73 and a percentage e.g. 100%