Falcon Eye understands the concerns which business owners have towards their premises both during and after work hours, and on weekends and holidays. We provide a certified Key Holding service for a safe and secure business experience.


Your office keys are secured by various devices and we utilise a few selected officers to handle the key holding units. All the keys whilst in our possession are fully insured. Our officials will ensure that all doors, windows and other entry/exit points are closed before using the keys to lock your premises and set all alarms. The same officials will unlock the premises so that your employees can get in and begin their work.

Your employees are susceptible to potential threats whenever there is an emergency or when alarm activation occurs. Our alarm response team is quick to respond during emergencies such as fire or intruder alarms. Our teams will ensure that all your staff are safely evacuated from the premises and will coordinate with the emergency services and help them conduct their duties.

We hold your keys in our security approved key safe and guarantee a fast alarm response.