Falcon Eye provides tailor-made static guarding/security to all public, private and corporate sectors, designed for our client’s requirements and nature of business. We provide security to clients throughout the UK and the South East protecting them from vandalism, thefts and other crimes.

Clients choosing our static security option are given the assurance that we will be working with the utmost care and integrity in order to maintain a safe and secure work environment so that your employees can perform to the best of their potential.

Once at your premises, our officials will thoroughly check your buildings and offices including the various entry and exit points, in order to understand and analyse the exact needs of your business security system. Security guards will check visitor’s credentials, before allowing them into your office premises and guiding them to their destinations.

We at Falcon Eye Security differentiate ourselves from other companies by providing security with a dynamic strategic psychology. We understand that our clients need to depend on us completely for the security of their businesses and hence we strive to be the best and meet the highest professional standards.

All our officials are highly trained and will ensure that all your employees are safe and secure at all times at work.